About Me

So this is me (excuse the hideousness)

Hello fellow internet stranger!

My name's Elizabeth and I'm a teenager who lives in London. I have a weird music taste and a pet tortoise called Sheldon. I like reading, drawing and I'm interested in the enigmatic bizarreness of the fashion world. I also play piano, guitar and do gymnastics. I'm a bit of a cinephile (understatement of the century) and my dream job would be to become a director, but that's never going to happen and I've accepted that. My favourite films are HERE GO CHECK THEM OUT. I may not be the most knowledgeable about fashion but I try and post the clothes I like. I'm just getting started out on this blog so don't be weirded out if my posts seem erratic or a bit random (oops). But most of all, I definitely don't bite, so don't be scared to leave a comment or plus one a post, it always makes my day. I hope you like what you see, and have a nice day lovelies! :)

Elizabeth x

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