Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SORRY GUYS! - What I'm Up To

I'd just like to apologise for my absolutely appalling behaviour, I've abandoned this blog for six months! Reason being it was exam season and I've not had much time. Fortunately though, I will be resuming to post regularly during the entirety of summer! I've got quite a few things to look forward to: I'm going to Norway for a week on Sunday, so that should be really exciting; In the summer I'm going to BBK Bilbao festival where Depeche Mode, Two Door Cinema Club, Alt J, Kings Of Leon, Green Day and so many others are playing, with a friend; Because I've finally finished school and I'm moving into sixth form, I finally get to dye my hair the way I want! I have my lilac, pink and baby blue dyes line up and ready. Also I'm going to be in Spain all summer, so I can tell you guys how I'm doing over there. On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to set up an Etsy shop selling iPhone cases with my designs on it. I've already sent for a sample for this lovely tropical/summer/tumblr inspired phone case:

Here is a little collage I've made of how I hope my hair will turn out, It's going to be a long process, but it'll be worth it! (picture taken from my Instagram @elizabethberi)

Also my winged backpack came! I can't believe I forgot to post it ages ago. The shipping was a nightmare but it was SOOO worth the money, I think it remains one of my favourite bags I've ever bought, along with my Cambridge Satchel:

I've also been getting up to a lot of drawing, it's such a great pastime. I would love it if you all followed my IG, @elizabethberi, I post every day so posts are regular unlike on here! There are also soooo many more of my drawings and clothes ect on my Instagram, so for more pictures it'd be cool  if you followed:) xx

(Please do not use/take any of my drawings or pictures without my permission or without crediting me. It's really rude:( )

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