Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow in London

It snowed today YAY! We got sent home early from school as the snow was quite bad, at least for London. To put it in perspective, ALL of the snow in the photos fell while I was at school, the streets were bare in the morning! Obviously there was the arduous task of avoiding incoming snowballs from juvenile year 7s on my way home, but I got there relatively unscathed. Since my camera seems to have gone missing, all the photos are terrible quality as they are taken with the iPad but oh well. Here's some of the pictures I took of my snowy garden:

My bed with it's typical stack of books and cluster of stuffed toys left over from my childhood

I'm really lucky that I have a skylight right next to my bed so I can gaze at the stars at night.... or I would, if London's light pollution didn't drown them out. I still get a nice view of full moons though, and I can see a lot of London from my spot on the top of a hill.

The beautifully snowy view from the skylight:

The view of my back garden form the one of the other windows in my bedroom. It's strangely kitted out with a little too many windows: three skylights and two normal windows, though it's lovely sun shines though.

So yeah that's what is going on in my life right now; So not a lot basically. I promise I'll get straight back to posting my usual clothes-related nonsense tomorrow!


  1. Like you, I feel lucky to have a skylight in my bedroom. It has given me a chance to experience the night sky without the need to go out. I enjoy the presence of skylight in any weather condition, and it never fails to brighten up my mood. I know you feel the same way too, Eli.

    -Joanne Barragan

    1. It does look beautiful! Unfortunately the might sky in London is just a dirty purple :( You can't see any stars because of the light pollution, it's such a shame! x