Thursday, 27 December 2012

TRENDING: Sci-fi/futuristic looks

Lately I don't really like 50% of their clothes as I think they're just producing the same things over and over but some of their clothes are great! They're having a 50% off sale which is realy great. You can see the sale here: SALE SALE SALE WOOO YESS 50% OFF SALE YAY. In this Fall/Winter season, futurism has been a huge trend with holographic materials appearing all over the runways. Take advantage of the UO sale and get yourself some lovely Space-age garments!

This simple tee is gorgeous, it looks like liquid metal! It's so shiny I need it.

The subtle silver gradient is great for those of you who aren't looking to go too far with the look.

These are now quite a reasonable price so I can finally justify buying them. I can;t get over how nice the material is. To avoid looking tacky, wear a monochrome top with it as well as black shoes.

The silver version of the leggings are also lovely.

This rainbow holographic print is heavenly!

These boots are heavenly. At £130, they are slightly out of my price range but seeing as its reduced from £260, I would grab the bargain while I had the chance!

These metallic creeper shoes are a cheaper option to sci-fi inspired shoes at £20

I'd just like to take a moment to mention my friend's bag again AND HOW JEALOUS I AM. Seriously though this bag is great. It's fom H&M but doesn't appear on their website, it can only be purchased in their stores.

Here are some pictures of the trend on A/W12's runways:

As you can see, silver is a big colour this season. Found this little 'Silver Staples' collage HERE. I particularly love the skirt.

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