Tuesday, 18 December 2012

OOTD White Winter Floral

So as mentioned in a previous post, on Sunday I went shopping with my friends Saskia and Chloe and bought a maxi skirt. I finally took some pictures of the outfit today, sorry that I look terrible, I'm not really the most photogenic of people. I also played around with some photo editing thingy to make them look awesome, I liked it at least though its quite subtle. I bought the maxi skirt for £30 from River Island. I love it because it's slightly translucent so you can see the underskirt that has a really lovely lace hem. I wore it with the spiked boots from Ebay you can see/buy in THIS POST. I'm a fan of maxi skirts that touch the ground but they're a bit impractical so I have to wear the skirt with heeled/platform shoes. I bought the cropped corset/bustier from Topshop in march last year so they don't make it any more but they do make fairly similar ones.  Also wearing the Kate Moss for Rimmel London in shade 107 which I love - I'll make a post about it soon I promise. Here is the outfit:

The lace underskirt's hem is beautifuly detailed

Although you can only see one blue poppy in this picture, in real life the print looks like a pretty even mix of blue and red/orange watercolour flowers.

Ooooh look my new pretty Kate Moss lippy. Its more of a burgundy/plum colour in real life

The lovely spiked boots I bought on Ebay

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