Friday, 28 December 2012

OOTD: San Sebastian & Khaki

I'm in San Sebastian (or Donostia in Basque), in the Basque Country in Spain. My family lives around here so we come over in the holidays to visit. This winter the weather has been really warm and we even got to go to the beach once or twice. San Sebastian is a beautiful city, it's famous for it's rich culture, beautiful beaches, antique and Parisian buildings and the San Sebastian Film Festival, hosted in the five star 'Hotel Maria Christina' every september. Since I am an avid film lover, I always get upset because I miss the festival by a month, however, this summer we have a longer holiday because it will be my first year of sixth form so I can finally attend! I doubt I'll get in to the big screenings but at least I'll be able to see some of the films. There is a small cafe in front of the hotel where it is hosted; It looks completely normal on the outside, but when you enter the walls are lined with photos of the actors or directors that have been there. 

 Posters from the film festival in previous years

Me looking horrendous (and stragely sullen?) next to the wall of filmistic fame.

 Among the people on the wall you can spot Ewan McGregor, John Travolta, Woody Allen (not in the picture i took), Penelope Cruz, Micheal Cane, Willem Dafoe and so many more.

Afterwards we went to the beach and to a market where I bought a crystal necklace, and a pop art sketching book. I also visited the beach since it was sunny today:
 My lavender crystal necklace



 I've already started doodling in my new notebook >w<

My lazy days neutral coloured outfit. It's my go to outfit because it's great for most occasions.

Camel-coloured/beige jacket - £50 - Zara - I wear this jacket EVERYWHERE it's so nice and warm and the colour is lovely.

Andy Warhol Print T-shirt - $20 - Uniqlo in 5th Ave - It's a Warhol print which means it's perfect for the A/W pop-art trend

Khaki Silk Pyjama Pant - £55 - Banana Republic - These silk trousers looks so smart with heels and a plain knit jumper. 

Plum Dr. Martens - £100 - Dr. Martens - Docs are great for every occasion!


  1. I had a friend who was Basque, feisty one she was. JOhn Travolta's hair dye is terrible. San Sebastian looks great. Happy 2013 btw! xx

    1. Thank you! Happy new year! San Sebastian is great and yes, basque people are feisty ones;)