Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shopping haul: Holographic bag

And by new clothes I mean ONE item of clothing. Most unproductive shopping trip ever. Still, it was a lot of fun, and I did get a white maxi skirt which is something I've been looking for for ages. I'll try to post pictures of it when my camera stops working again and my face becomes an acceptable level of ugly. Oh I also ordered the black winged bag from my previous post in the end; Mainly for reasons of practicality - I would ruin the pastel coloured one with dirt in a day - but the black is also an easier colour to carry off and along with the copious amounts of pastel colours in my wardrobe, maybe this'll look a little less childish. Maybe. Also I've decided I'm going to buy myself a silver anime cosplay wig for fun. I'll just prance around the house pretending to be a fairy while getting weird looks from my family. Now all I need is money - thank you Christmas. I'm going to buy something like this: 

Also, my friend bought the coolest holographic bag today - from H&M I think - just to make me jealous because it's so fab *sigh* :'(   Here is a picture of the great bag I nicked from Chloe's Tumblr:

AHH it's so cute and I can't buy it! She beat me to buying this so if I got it now I'm pretty sure she would murder me for stealing her great new bag (just wait until I'm next at her house and it just 'magically disappears' Muahahaha MUAHAHAHA *insert evil grin*). If she reads this post it may foil my plans... oops.