Friday, 21 December 2012

LOTR rewatch

Since I'm going to see the hobbit soon and i had a half-day off at school, I decide to have a Lord of the Rings re-watch marathon. BIG mistake. I am sat here 4 and a half hours in and I've not even made it through the first half of the second movie. I've also got to wake up at 7 tomorrow to go to see my Spain so I should really be asleep by now. Doodling while watching the film - it's a work in progress so I've still got to color it. I tried to make the writing n the bottom banner slightly similar to the Tengwar font... and failed miserably. 


  1. Hobbit is amazing! It looks so wonderful you should defo see the hd version. You'll regret it you don't. Starts slow but then wows you xx

    1. I read the book 5 years ago so I´m rally looking forward to see the film adaption! x