Thursday, 13 December 2012

LOOKBOOK Favourites

Just a quick post today! As a shopping obsessive  I love to scour for ideas on clothes and some of my favourite clothes/outfits have been inspired by things on there. Here is a small compilation of some of my favourite looks from Olivia H, Ebba Z and Lua P. I've quite enjoyed making this post so I expect I'll be making more of these in the future.

I love the hat and the sheer glamour of this look - Ombre Skirt - Lua P

I love the roll-up high waited trousers and cute t shirt combo - Everyday Petroleum - Ebba Z

I've been looking for a denim jumpsuit for ages my obsession with them is not normal at this stage... - Pastels II - Olivia H

I bought a burgundy disco skirt after falling in love with this look - Golden Pyramids - Lua P

I'm mean, seriously though, look at that beautiful sweater - Such a well thought out plan - Ebba Z

What is not to love about this look? A pastel skater skirt, a cat jumper and Dr. martens = Perfect! - Cutesy - Olivia H

Really want the shoes + blazer. Love how the outfit looks smart even though she's wearing an ACDC t shirt!  - We're too young to see - Lua P

I've alrready featured this skirt in a previous Wishlist post but I just love it! I'm really tempted to put it on my christmas list - Thunderbolt Rabbit - Ebba Z

Look at those gorgeous trousers! Need I say any more? - You painted a picture so graphic - Olivia H

And finally, I know she is not one of my three featured lookbookers, but I came across this look today and fell in love:
It's so cute! The bag is incredibly adorable, the shoes are lovely and the hat fits the outfit perfectly. Also, its not very clear in the pictures but she is wearing sunflower collar clips that are soooooo cute. I've decided I'm going to get myself an outfit similar to this - Fantastic Mr. Fox - Annika V


  1. Ebba Z reminds me of Anne Hathaway. Cool fox bag and as for Lua P she is the Queen of Lookbook. She cannot be beat! xx

    1. I do love the fox bag, I think no one can argue with the fact that Lua P does rule Lookbook;) x