Wednesday, 5 December 2012

DIY: Wildfox Imitation Jumper

Okay so I may be cheating a little bit in the title seeing as I didn't technically make this myself, but it is homemade. Basically, on my last birthday, I really wanted the Penny Lane Peace Jumper from Wildfox, but seeing as it was $180 there wasn't much of a chance of that happening. Luckily, my nan and aunt were visiting us in England for a week so I got a bit of help from them. They said that they wouldn't buy me the jumper for my birthday, but that they'd make me one instead. Between the two of them and my mum, I had my perfect made-to-fit jumper in two days! Both my mum and aunt made a sleeve each with some lilac/blue wool and my grandma, who is the most skilled knitter, made the front design and put it all together. It turned out brilliantly and I absolutely love it! (for those of you who know about knitting, I'll put the pattern my nan used below if you want to try it)

The original jumper:

My DIY peace sign sweater. The pictures make it look grey but the colour looks most like the picture below (sorry for the awful quality of the photo):

My much better looking friend wearing it:

You can see the thickness of it in this picture which comes in handy to keep me warm in winter >.<

For those of you who know your stuff and want to try making one:


  1. So kwl that they made it for you. Have always loved that colour xx

  2. I love your blog; the pictures are gorgeous and it is full of good ideas!