Friday, 7 December 2012

DIY: Crystal Jar Necklace

In Easter I went to america and we got to stop over in Chicago. There was a little gift store selling gifts from the Field Museum and there was a really cute little jar full of pink quartz. I bought it seeing as it was only $4. It has a little 'The Field Museum' sign on it; I scratched this off and painted on with nail polish 'A magic bottle' (yeah I know I'm an idiot, but seeing as we never got time to visit the museum, I thought it was a bit unfair :) I dyed the quartz from pink to purple by filling the bottle with my Crazy Colour Hot Purple and water, then left it in there for 2 days. When I got home I tied a little rope around it and made it into a little necklace! Here it is:

You can make your own buy buying little bottles of crystals HERE

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