Sunday, 9 December 2012

Boredom Leads to Doodling

When I get bored I draw. So all of these are the result of many of procrastination. (Sorry I had nothing to post today  so I thought I would just do this:) 

Snarling lips + smiley piercing

Buddhist monk

My friend Chloe

My planned 50's outfit

My friend Claudia

Chibi ariel I drew based on someone's I saw on DeviantArt

My friend Ella

Random small watercolour doodle

An attempt at Jennifer Lawrence

It was a pencil drawing and for some reason I decided to ruin it with chalk soft pastels

As you can see I get bored a lot! Another thing I needed to say is that because I have my mock exams next week, so I may not post every day. I may have to skip some days due to overflow of homework or studying. I'll post whenever I can though x


  1. Love the lips one as it reminds me of a kwl friend. Edgy! x

    1. Thank you! I drew it just before I posted this aha x