Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Winter Wear

So now that winter is here - I should know, I've been freezing to death - It's probably a good idea to knit up. From jumpers to gloves, scarves to socks, we could all do with a little warmth. So here are some lovely ideas to keep yourself fashionably warm during the winter months:

Cold As F*ck Gloves - £18 - Urban Outfiters - HERE

really simple Loose Knit Scarf - £7 - Forever 21 - HERE

Aztec Fairisle Snood - £18 - Topshop - HERE

Fur Mittens - £18 - Topshop - HERE

Banish the cold with these F**k Winter Gloves - £18 - Urban Outfitters - HERE

Nude Two Tone Zig-Zag Beanie - £12 - Topshop - HERE

Metallic Knit Infinity Scarf - £8 - Forever 21 - HERE

Burgundy Reindeer Scarf - £16 - Urban Outfiters - HERE

Really simple but really cute Dip Dye Angora Gloves - £12 - Topshop - HERE

And of course, the lovely and surprisingly cheap beanies featured in Monday's post:


  1. I like how you've gone for sweet colours. Why peeps wear black everything in winter is beyond me. Lots of peeps still wearing fur stoles which I think is maybe a bit old now. Fashion makes you bitchy tho! x

    1. I do like my cute colours it's true! x