Thursday, 8 November 2012

Shop: CottonInk

I found this beautiful little shop on the internet a while back while searching for a velvet crop top. I came across this shop and I fell in love! Their clothing is beautifully simple and with the most gorgeous boxy cuts I have seen in my life. This shop takes your average item of clothing, a plain grey cardigan for example, but reinvents it by making the cut beautifully loose and the materials drape so perfectly! The clothing is simple enough to be able to pull off flawlessly with a pair of printed trousers, however it gives the outfit an extra touch of personality. I personally think I am going to buy the mint velvet crop top. It is really pretty and there is an infinite amount of ways I can wear it: with high wasted, tight printed trousers; with a simple denim skater skirt or with a tight baroque-print pencil skirt. The clothes are also really decently priced which is really good news for me! This is the mint crop and is only £14.89 which is absolutely great:

some more of their clothes:

this dress is just so cute and yet unbelievably simple!

This cardigan would go superbly with the Fluoro Cambridge Satchel from the previous Post.

I am in love with both the colour, and cut of this top. This is some of the other clothes which form the new collection:

This blazer is a bit different from the clothes before, but it's still gorgeous.

These trousers are a dream!

and I love the boxy feel of these blue shorts.

So those were some of my favourites, be sure to check out their website, they have some great stuff: (the prices are in indonesian rupies - IDR - but you can easily convert them to pounds or dollars by typing 'IDR *** *** to pounds/dollars' into google and it will give you the price)

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