Thursday, 29 November 2012

ROMWE Deer Distressed Jumper

Sorry I didn't post this last week as promised, my camera stopped working and I've been busy, so I apologise for that. Anyways, I bought this sweater from Romwe HERE for only £21 which is a really great price for such a beautiful knit. This fits in my wardrobe really nicely at the moment due to my not-so-recent obsession with pastel colours. It's only available in one size but I reckon it'll fit about a 8-12 UK size seeing as it's an oversized jumper. The jumper is also sheer and is a bit more see-through than it appears in these pictures so it's probably best to wear something underneath. Here I'm just wearing it with my jeans but I want to find a white lace summer dress to wear underneath it. I don't think that will be happening for a while seeing as its freezing here in London but oh well. For some reason it makes me look white big in these photos - probably because I'm stretching it so that you can see the dear design - but it does look much better in person.

Have I mentioned how pretty the colour looks in the sunlight?

luckily the sun decided to come out on the day I took these pictures 


  1. The torn cuffs and see thru vibe are great and doesen't that colour really suit you x

    1. Aw stop you're making me blush •⊙ω⊙• x