Sunday, 25 November 2012

OOTD: My little sister

I wasn't doing much today but my little sister, Ruth, was going to her youth club I took pictures of her simple but really cute outfit. The jumper was from a New Look, the socks and shoes from H&M and I think the hat was from Topshop maybe? I am also in love with her coat, it just looks so cute! Anyways here she is:

Also, my spiked boots came on Thursday bit I forgotto post them. I hav worn them non stop since then (probably a mistake) but I am in love! You can purchase them HERE for £25.

Off to see Silver Linings playbook now, really excited. Have a nice day lovelies! x


  1. Kwl sister and cute outfit. Wkd shoes but they'll last longer if you don't wear them so much lol Buy a second pair! x