Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Cambridge Satchel!

My 15" Cambridge Satchel arrived! Here it is:

15" The Classic satchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company - £94:

Finally my new bag came! This bag is perfect. After waiting 30 days for the satchel to arrive (they have to hand make it for you so it takes a while to be dispatched) I was starting to doubt if the bag would even be worth it in the end. I was so wrong. When the bag came I fell in love with it and knew that despite the hefty - for me at least - price tag and the long wait, that this was the right bag for me. The bag is gorgeous aesthetically and the leather is beautifully even - not a scratch on it. Also it feels really durable, the leather looks quite tough and is really thick. The design is also really cute! I took this to school and got a ton of compliments, this may be my favorite bag ever. Certainly worth the wait!

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