Monday, 19 November 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

I forgot to post this a month ago, but Jennifer Lawrence has been announced as the new face of Dior, replacing Mila Kunis. I am so happy for her! Having first seen her in the 2010 indie film Winter's Bone, a performance for which she was nominated an oscar, I instantly fell in love with her acting. Since she appeared in the movie adaption of one of my favourite books, The Hunger Games, she has become increasingly popular and is now a household name. I was quite surprised with the choice because Jennifer is much curvier than your average 6ft stick-thin model, I think it's a good thing though, it's a big step forward for such a huge fashion house. Really excited to see their first campaign together! for those of you that don't know her:

Looking perfect at the 2011 Oscars

Did I also mention that she is incredibly adorable and hilarious in interviews:

To conclude:

(serious girl crush here)


  1. Really stunning at the Oscars. Dior made Mila look very boring for me as they ignored her personality. Better luck with Jen. Chanel are the best with celebs as they give class but acknowledge the spirit of the star x

    1. I bet her campaigns will look really classy:) x