Monday, 5 November 2012

Doc Martens

I have always been a big fan of DMs. They are comfortable, great looking and will literally go with ANY outfit. I even wore them to a party once with a smart dress to dress it down and it looked great! Basically my mum has always been a big fan of the shoes since the 80s so she gave me two pairs of Doc Martens that she had since before i was born. I really loved these shoes, one was a plain black one and the other a plum purple. They were both quite worn down but I liked it better since the creases and folded tongue seemed more appealing to me than brand new DMs. Unfortunately, a week ago my mum decided that she was too emotionally attached to the purple pair and decided to ask for them back. These are my favourite shoes so I was quite upset but she agreed to buy me a new pair! This has never happened before, my parents barely ever buy me clothes! So this is the pair I have chosen, nothing too expensive, as I don't want to push my luck:

However I am hoping (If I'm really lucky) that they might agree to buy these, that is, if I put in a little money in myself. Seeing as these boots are so gorgeous, I have been wanting to buy these forever! Maybe now is my chance:

Dr Martens 1460 Black Floral Lace Up Boot: link
Dr Martens 1460 Mono White £99: link
(Sorry they're both on ebay and not form the Dr. Martens website. As they were both limited edition, this is one of the only places I could find that still sells them.)

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