Thursday, 22 November 2012

DIY: Kawaii Charms/Jewelry

I've decided that this Christmas, instead of spending billions of pounds on my friends presents for christmas, I'm going to make them each a piece of clothing or jewelry. These kawaii pendants and earrings are made from polymer clay. It's a plastic which imitates clay and comes in a range of different colours. I bought the FIMO 56g packs and it is quite a nice size, enough for you to use, but not so much so that you are left with too much extra you don't want. Polymer clay is super easy and fun to use; it basically feels like plasticine where you are handling it, then you put it in the oven at 110 degrees C for half an hour and they come out hard! I haven't used glaze in these pictures but it does help to cover any finger prints left from handling the clay and makes it look nice and shiny. You can find 56g packs of it in a multitude of colours HERE and beautiful pastel coloured ones HERE (these are especially useful to make your kawaii charms look extra cute >.<)

To attach the earings, make them pendants ect. you can just poke an eye pin through the top and use a jump ring if you need an extra link:

This is as easy to make as it looks. Make 5 lilac spheres by rolling the clay between your palms and then flatten them to make the base of the flower. make a yellow circle the same way and put it on top. The face is the same to make for pretty muck all of them: the mouth is simply a small strip of back which is bent to make a curve, the cheeks are flattened pink balls and the eyes are flattened black circles with another two smaller white clay circles inside. You can apply this cute face to ANY miniature you make out of polymer clay to make it look SUPER SUPER CUTE!

You can find out how to make this HERE. The donuts are so easy to make and look so cute, and the best bit is, you can make lots of different ones like this:

This little burger is one of my favourites, it's in desperate need of some glazing, but it's just so cute! Make a big ball out of biege clay and cut it half the way. Flatten the smaller section slightly so that it will end up looking like the bottom half of the burger bun. Roll out a brown clay circle and flatten it slightly, you can make holes in it with a pin to give it texture and make it look more like a burger. For the cheese, simply cut a square of yellow clay and place it on top of your burger. Put it all together and Voila! For a more intricate version look HERE

The photo doesn't do this one justice, it is so adorable! HERE is how you can make it. instead of using 4 pieces i used two to make it a bow tie. I put the writing on with a marker pen after it had baked.

For the cupcake you make a sphere and then shape it a bit so that it looks like a rectangle. Cut the rectangle in half and carve little lines into it. For the icing: make a simple roll with the colour of your choice and make a spiral on tho of the base of the cupcake. For the sprinkles you can make a very thin roll and cut it into pieces. 

To make it is as simple as it looks! cut a triangle out of pink clay and round the edges. Make tiny yellow rectangles and apply them to the strawberry to make the seeds. 

This one literally took me 3 minutes to make, it is one of the easiest ones i have done. You simply make two rolls with the black polymer clay, press them together and then curl the loose ends.

This one was my first attempt, a smiley donut. Follow the tutorial for the other donut above, but just customise the toping! It's pretty obvious it was a first attempt. It's a mess.

Same as the strawberry minus the seeds + leaves ect. To make them earrings simply buy earring attachments from your local craft store and attack them with jump rings.

This is the same idea as the bow tie, however, instead of discarding the las two flat pieces of clay from the tutorial as you did for the tie, simply cut a triangle from the edge to give them the shape of a ribbon. Then put one slightly on top of each other and arrange underneath the bow as shown in the picture. Adding small outlining indentation about 1 1/2 millilitres from the edge helps give the ribbons extra authenticity.

Hope you liked my work. I really recommend this material the DIY possibilities are ENDLESS! For some more ideas look HERE


  1. Seriously cho kawaii! The cupcake and burger look good enough to eat. Looks fun and really addictive x