Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY: Frankenstein Necklace

I have recently developed an obsession with making jewelry out of polymer clay. So I made a little tutorial on how to make a cute little polymer clay Frankenstein pendant. This is what it looks like: (sorry for the terrible quality of the photos, my camera wasn't working)

First you'll need four 56g packs of polymer clay in black, red, white and green. You can buy this at craft stores - usually£1.50-£3 each - or you can buy it on the internet (HERE for example)

1. Cut a quarter of the green polymer clay and roll it into a ball using your palms. to avoid getting the polymer clay dirty, wash your hands or wear gloves.

2. Squash the sphere into a circle

3. Using a small knife or scalpel - like the one shown - cut off a third off the circle

4. Use a quarter of the black polymer clay to create another semi-circle in the same way you made the green one. Make the black semi-circle squarer and attach it to the green one so that it looks like the one below.

5. Make a really thin roll out of the black clay and then cut four small peices.

6. Put the four strips on so that they criss-cross to create the eyes. cut anther strip and use it to make the mouth like in the picture.

7.  Roll a small ball out of the red polymer clay and squash to make a circle. Cut the top, the sides and make a dent in the middle so that it looks like a tongue.

8. Press the tongue down onto the green, underneath the mouth line like this:

9. Roll out a bigger strip from the white clay.

10. Cut it into two strips and flatten them. Cut one of them in half so that it is thinner than the other and press them onto the hair.

11. Mix a little of the black with a bit of the white to create some gray clay. roll it into quite a thick strip.

12. Cut two small strips and make two balls. Flatten them to make circles and press them onto the end of the strips.

13. press them into the temples of the head and score the screw patterns with the scalpel.

14. If you want it to be a pendant, push an eyepin through the top of the hair. In my pins, the hole was to small to put a chain through. If this is the case, just put a jump ring through it so that you have an extra link.

This is what the finished product should look like:

So I hope you liked it! After making the pendant you simply bake it in the oven at 120 degrees C for half an hour so that it becomes hard. Its also advisable to glaze the finished product after being baked as it helps cover up finger prints and makes it look nice and shiny. 
Polymer clay is so versatile you can practically make anything with it; so go ahead, bring out your creative side, and make some great jewelry sure to impress.

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