Monday, 5 November 2012

Coltrane Boots


I was trying to decide what to wear with my new boots - the beautiful ones with the spikes on the post below - so I decided I would make a set of the ways i could wear it. I did substitute the  spiked boots for Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots but since they are quite similar, either shoe could work with this outfit. I think I'm going to buy the dungarees but wear them with a  different jumper. I'm thinking of wearing it with either of these since I already have them:

^ that photo is from the brilliant artinourblood so credit goes to her. Her blog is great, you guys should check it out. Anyways....
But really I would like to wear it with either of these jumpers: However they are quite expensive and I don't have enough money to buy them at the moment!


  1. Dungarees in general need some serious pimping! Studs, colours and button details could all have more wow. That blue sweater is a fab colour xx

    1. I have a lot of my little nerdy badges I'm going to plaster all over it to give it a little bit of an 80's feel:) x