Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cheap Alternatives: Litas

Cheap Alternatives: Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Over summer, I had a really big longing for Jeffrey Campbell Litas; However, I didn't have much money so I went looking for cheap alternatives and found quite a few good ones! I ended up buying some mint coloured ones from Boohoo which were £25 compared to the original £100 ones from Jeffrey Campbell from HERE.

The original:

Boohoo version (it is actually the same colour as the original in real life):
Unfortunately Boohoo discontinued the Perry Turquoise boot but you can find the black version of the boot here: HERE

After purchasing the Spiked Boots from eBay, I checked on the seller, which it turned out, had really great shoes. I found all of Boohoo's discontinued Lita fakes on their site for only £19! Here are some of my favourites:

Original Lita:


Original spiked Lita:

This is one of the best looking imitations I have seen of this particular style of boot!

Imitation in classic tan:

Spiked imitation in burgundy/ox blood (there is also one in red):

This faux suede baby pink is one of my favourites, really considering buying it!

Pastel pink/peach  in leather:

Black lace:

White lace:

A view of the zips on the suede studded one: (The zips look the same on all of them, placement matching the actual colour of the shoe, size etc. )

Coral leather zip view:

You can find all the at THIS eBay shop. Their range includes the turquoise shoes I purchased, all of the Imitation shoes show above and more for only £19! I'm pretty sure that the sures are the sames ones Boohoo previously sold as some of the shoes look identical and they all look identical to the ones on boohoo, down too the last details on the patterns. I bought the turqouise ones in June and for only 20 pounds they are great quality. Wore them to several parties and everyone said they loved them, most people even thought they were the real thing! I hope this has helped, I know how frustrating it can be sometimes to search for cheaper versions of shoes. x

PS. I also go my fake lilac creepers from this shop as well HERE for only £14


  1. The original black Lita is one of the shoes of the year. Add in coltranes and Campbell is on a serious roll. xx

    1. I know right? Your comments always make me smile, thank you for being so nice>.< x

  2. Easy to be nice, you're really good! We both have excellent taste in fashion ;)xx