Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A pop of Fluoro: Cambridge Satchels

A pop of Fluoro

So I made another thing. This one was inspired by the Cambridge Satchels in Fluoro, which i have been wanting since the day they came out. Fluorescent colour can be tricky to wear, with one of the biggest risks being the possibility of looking tacky. To try and avoid this, make sure the item of clothing is made of a good quality material, or looks expensive. Also, it healps greatly if the colour has a'washed out' feel to it, or faded, like the American Aapparel hoodie above.Another thing to watch out for is bright colours; make sure you DO NOT wear these with any other colours that are too bright. I personally like pairing these colours with charcoal, like this:

This is how i would wear it for a more casual occasion, probably with a leather jacket. To wear this bag to work, it looks best with a monochrome suit:

Other photos:

As you all may know, I own the 15"Cassic Satchel in red. Seriously one of my favourite bags ever! So if you have the money, you should totally go for this bag. Its really practical aswell: My Bag The red Classic:

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