Thursday, 1 November 2012

40's Mint Dress

Mink Pink dress

Mink Pink dress (see more mink pink dresses)

this dress is gorgeous! At $90 (or £56) this dress is absolutely perfect. Since i already spent the money I made last week on the mint jumper/lace dress outfit in the previous post, I wont be able to buy this dress for a while. However i am soooooo looking forward to owning this beauty. I love the colour and the feel of 40's glamour makes me want to weep with joy! I would probably wear this with a small white cardigan, red heels, red lipstick and a glamorous updo. Perfect for a party. However i do have a very similar dress; same cut, same colour but with faded lime roses on instead of white dots it which goes perfectly with lemon yellow wedges so i might not buy this after all, as its so similar. I'll post pictures of that outfit soon.

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